Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Polka Dots....and Disco Dots....


Have you ever wondered,The colors a zebra could be;

That maybe we're all color blind And don't know what to see.

Cause what if the stripes were purple ,And the white was bright lime green;

That would be beyond the sights Our eyes have ever seen.

But what if there weren't stripes,And just plain polka-dots;

Then it wouldn't be a zebra at all And we would name him Spots.

Now zebras are a mystery,Though they may never glow;

If they are black with white stripes The world will never know.

written by Raven Jagger

The Disco Dot Baby Collection:


  1. Congrats!!
    The colors of everything are wonderful and I'm so happy you made the speration!!
    Wishing you the best of luck...

  2. These are wonderful! Our babies are all grown up, but I know where my next baby gifts are coming from. I'm trying to figure out how else I can use these...Sew two together to hold my laptop? Wrap my camera lenses? Do you make dish towels?

    Congratulations. I think these are going to be a big hit!