Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 Months, Too Fast

I woke up this morning, realizing that it is Ryan's 2 Month Birthday today...

I can't believe how fast these last 8 weeks have gone, and It makes me a little sad, as I feel like even though I tried sooo hard to relish every moment....the days just somehow slipped by.

I've had someone tell me....that the days go by slow....but the years fast.....

I'm thinking the days go by fast just don't realize it until they've already passed....

So now my little wrinkly love bug....has turned into a rolly-polly....chubby munchkin...with the best kissey spot on the back of his neck.....

and I'm going to try really hard to relish the next 8 weeks.....

and don't forget......A Mom's Take is still having the Giveaway for a set of our Bubbles Burp Cloths....they are Ryan's faves.....

Giveaway ends Tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall is almost Here

The days of shorts and flip flops......Hot days.....and cool drinks....

are almost at an end. Kids are going back to school, and yesterday I even noticed one of my trees is just beginning to turn.

I'm so excited for the Fall season....I love sweaters, and cool nights....and I ADORE these amazing new fabrics that will soon become adorable fall inspired baby items!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to the World

The newest Member of my AMAZING family...

Mr Ryan has arrived...
and the last three weeks with him have been truly AMAZING....
long nights,
long snuggles,
baby kisses,
baby smiles,

He has completely stolen my heart...and has me, his daddy and his older brother completely wrapped around his little fingers...
He already has a way with the ladies....
and has a veracious appetite....
he is in a word....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a Wonderful Day for some Treasuries!

Woke up this morning, super excited to find that 2 of my fave items have made it into some Fabulous Treasuries on Etsy! I think this is a good omen, that the rest of the day will go swimmingly!

How great are these two treasuries?

Thank you So much for including me!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Noah Baby Gifting: RHoNY Bethenny Frankel

I am one of those ladies who has gotten sucked into the craziness that is the Real Housewives Shows....maybe It's because I myself lack the crazy in my own life.....but here I am....religiously watching every Thursday......with my bowl of Blue Bunny Icecream....and my hand on the the man in my life doesn't steal during a distracted moment.....

I'm especially enthralled with the NY Housewives.....and I am extremely EXCITED that my FAVE housewife....and healthy living expert Bethenny Frankel has been gifted with Noah Baby Products for her adorable new baby Bryn!

Bethenny can burp Bryn in Baby Chic Style with our Cabana Stripe/Petal Punch set!

The set or the Individual Burp Cloths are available in the shop!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Is Here

So it's time to hit the Pools and cool off and enjoy the hot weather and bright sunshine....

Our Personalized Appliqued Tote Bags ....are the perfect way to carry those beach towels....sunscreen and pool toys.....
Choose from tons of fabric choices available in the shop!
$18 up to 7 letters!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Treasury!

I was excited to see that Noah Baby Boutique was featured in another Treasury Today! It's a fabulous Bright and Whimsical Group of items!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I LOVE when I get fabulous notes from Customers who are thrilled with their Noah Baby items! I've been blessed to get a few really nice notes recently! Here are what some recent customers had to say!!!

"i just wanted to let you know that i received the blanket today. it is great! i'm excited to have my little one use it. thanks for everything! "

"I received them on already on Monday - thank you.
I can't tell you how much I love them and can't wait to have their pictures taken in them on Friday (we are so behind in life that they are combining their one year photo with Easter photos and the blue in their bunny hat matches the blue in the tie perfectly). They are absolutely gorgeous and I love how they were packaged with the grosgrain ribbon and clothespin! I sat on the couch last night watching tv and holding the onesies...I'm a sucker for gorgeous material...thanks again, very much appreciated and beautiful work. "

Friday, April 16, 2010

Noah Baby Boutique in Blogosphere!

I was so delighted to contribute an item to an Auction Basket created by Ashley Petite! They carry some of the most fun...and absolutely adorable items.....and their photography skills...incredible!

They had a great write up on the Petal Punch Burp Cloth that I submitted! And the pictures turned out fantastic!

Check it Out!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gotta Luv Them Boys

Now who says boy things aren't as cute as Girl things?

Seriously.....Boys are so cool!

Boys' British Rock Jacket from RetroBaby: $56

10 Again Clothing screenprint t-shirt available at $26

Request 'Anson' Jeans available at $25

Braided Faux Leather Flip Flops from
Old Navy: $13

Plaid Cargo Shorts from Old Navy: $10

Kids Grow Chart- Vinyl Wall Decal From WowWall: $45

Boon 'Saucer' BPA free Divided Plate: $6

Retro Rocket Ride On Toy from
Radio Flyer: $49

It's all about the Fans!

The Noah Baby Facebook Fan Page is up and running......and I'd love to grow a fabulous and amazing fan base!!!

I mean really, what's more of an ego boost than having tons and tons of fans?

I'm starting my goal at a pretty attainable number....100!!!

Come fan Noah Baby! Boost my Ego!

Once we hit 100 fans, I'm going to have a fabulous Giveaway on Facebook!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What to do on an Early Spring Day?

How about make some Springtime inspired Burp Cloths!

I found these two amazing and totally adorable Prints called "Petal Punch" last week at my new Fabric obsession!

These two prints are sooooo stinking cute I can't stand it....

The Burp Cloths turned out fantastic...they are bright, whimsical....with a modern twist...

PERFECT for any Diaperbag!

While cutting, and sewing, and loving these little gems, I found myself humming away to Day Dream by the Lovin Spoonful...

I think I must have Spring on the Brain!

What a day for a day dream,
What a day for a day dreamin' boy.
And I'm lost in a day dream,
Dreamin' 'bout my bundle of joy.
And even if time ain't really on my side,
It's one of those days for taking a walk outside.
I'm blowing the day to take a walk in the sun,
And fall on my face in somebody's new mowed lawn.

I've been havin' a sweet dream,
I've been dreamin' since I woke up today,
It's starring me in my sweet dream,
'Cause she's the one that makes me feel this way,
And even if time is passin' me by a lot,
I couldn't care less about the dues you say I got.
Tomorrow I'll pay the dues for dropping my load.
A pie in the face for being a sleepy bull toad.

And you can be sure that if you're feelin right
A day dream will last a long time into the night.
Tomorrow at breakfast you may prick up your ears,
Or you may be dreamin' for a thousand years.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Been a Long Cold Winter....

But Spring is Around the Corner.....I just know it......and what better way than to start adding some fun, bright and fabulous new Spring Pieces to the shop! I LOVE These first pieces that I was able to create while Noah was napping!

These NEW chenille Burp Cloths are soft and functional....but so modern and stylish.....

Introducing Giraffe Garden and Wheels.......