Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Colorful Inspiration

The Amazing, Vibrant Colors of Mexico...
That Inspired My June Collection

Baja Baby

I walk down a meandering road
surrounded by white stucco homes
red and purple bougainvillea drip
from balconies like cherry syrup
spilt on scones.
The colors run downhill
coating the terra cotta town
with the aroma of Mexico.

I look at my feet on the buttered bubbles
of cobblestones.
I feel the burn of heat from the oven sun.
Women sweep the street and children run.
Dogs lie in the shade watching me
as I hum a song of Mexico.

Ferns, jungle green
spread their fingers and wave to me.
Palm leaves dance rhythmically
in the arms of an ocean breeze
and music sets the beat
of what I feel inside ~
vibrantly alive
on a morning walk into the soul
of my enchanting Mexico.


  1. Blown away by your blogsite, your positive energy and your bright personality.

    Your writing is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing, Tristan

  2. Beautiful pictures and lovely poem! Do you write them? Amazing!

    Jamie :)

  3. Those colors are so vibrant and beautiful, they make me want to get up and do something...ANYTHING!! Thanks for stopping by my site!