Monday, July 27, 2009


The hippopotomus
Author: unknown
How far from human beauty

Is the hairless hippopotamus.
With a square enormous head
And such a heavy bottomus.

The giraffe's song
Author: Unknown

With a neck so long,
To hear his song,
You'll have to stay,
Around all day.
He begins his tune,
Just before noon.
And it comes out right,
About midnight!

Elephant Hugs

Author: Virginia Ellis

When God created elephants,
He thought, "Now, let me see ...
They must be big and loveable,
And as huggable as can be."

He experimented first with ants,
Then moved up, in size, to bugs ...
"They won't do at all,"
He said,"They give such tiny hugs."

Next He worked on cats and dogs,
Then walruses and whales;
He even went as far, As dinosaurs with tails.

He finally worked up to elephants,
Then, smiled and said with glee ...
"Elephant hugs are the greatest,
And not only that, they are free!"

"So, kids and folks can copy them,
And learn to hug their way ...
An elephant hug is an "elegant" hug,
Have you had yours today?

Introducing the Zoology Baby Mini Blanket!!!
I really think this is probably my favorite pattern to date...I just drooled over the pattern and matching stripe...both from Michael Miller. It is Modern, Baby, Cool.

not only that,

I have had the extreme pleasure of creating this adorable blankie for Tobey McGuire's Son Otis!! Yep that would be THE Tobey McGuire!!

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